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Wholesale Tracking Software System

IDM's Wholesale Tracking Software System (WTSS) is a software and hardware solution for wholesale distribution companies which may have a number of different services that they provide to their customers. WTSS provides delivery tracking, Point of sale (POS), and a host of other features to run a wholesale business efficiently. WTSS makes setting up your wholesale business easy to start and easy to maintain by providing user friendly capabilities in a robust 32 bit operating environment that offers stability and flexibility to grow your business. WTSS lets you manage your business accurately and profitably.


  • Customer/Vendor Maintenance
  • Product Maintenance
  • Inventory Re- Order Points
  • Multiple Warehousing
  • Customer Order Hot Sheets
  • Point of Sale
  • Invoicing
  • Payment Posting
  • Pick Lists
  • Import existing information from a pre-set file structure provided by WTSS
  • Tax by the once feature for Tobacco and Sugary Drinks
  • Export Data
  • Manual entry of items directly into WTSS
  • Print barcode labels
  • Portable Terminal Applications
  • Exception reports from the data download screens
  • Product Price Quick Update
  • General Reports
  • Sales Commission
  • No User Licenses
  • FTP Services
  • Multi Cat Reporting and file preparation
  • EDI Transmission Formats

Other Features:

Portable Data Terminal:

PDT application will reside on a Pocket PC/Win Ce operating system. Four separate applications come with the WTSS system. The data collected will be downloaded to the main WTSS computer for system updating and error reporting.

Receiving Application - Receive Purchase Orders
Movement - Track movement of merchandise from Location to Location
Shipping - Pick and ship against Sales/Work Orders
Physical - Cycle count and Physical inventory Application

These applications come standard with WTSS using Automatic Data Collection Terminals (AIDC) with batch data collection technology. This allows for faster data collection, entry, and updating of inventory levels in the WTSS system. WTSS also has a module for Real Time Radio Frequency data collection (RFDC) transmission to the main database as well.

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