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Pickup/Delivery Tracking Software Solution

IDM’s Pickup/Delivery Tracking Software System (PDTSS) is a solution that provides greater accountability and accuracy for delivery companies. PDTSS eliminates the paper process and reduces manual entry of orders, dispatching and errors associated with paper based processes. Service requests are entered and transmitted to the delivery personnel or customers can request services via the internet. Service pricing and audit reporting as well as incorporating barcode labeling and scanning equipment for fast, accurate recording of service transactions. PDTSS reduces time to provide service to your client.


  • Web based Ordering system
  • Order Entry screens
  • FTP Data Transfer
  • Standard Route Setup
  • Product Service Pricing
  • Setup Barcode ID’s for Standard Route Customers
  • Print Barcode Labels to affix to items
    Picked Up
  • Batch or Radio Frequency Portable data transmission within the PDTSS application.
  • Order Data upload to portable terminals via FTP or Batch
  • Delivery and Pickup Scheduling
  • History of transactions and movement
    of assets
  • General Reports
  • Product/Service Maintenance
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Web Based or Manual Ordering of Services
  • Route Tracking
  • Bar code labeling
  • Portable Terminal Applications
  • FTP Data Transfers
  • Multiple Pricing levels

Service Order Screen:

The Service Order process is a easy to use entry format that captures customer information, Pickup address information and drop off location, time when services can be performed. The screen displays service pricing levels. The 2 screen entry provides additional functions for comments, display of signature capture.

Standard Customer Routing:

Setup standard customers and schedule weekly route Pickup and Delivery services. Service pricing Invoicing.

Provides an audit trail of services performed with history of transactions, dates and times. Invoicing can be provided on a daily, weekly, monthly schedule Reports are range selectable for a number of criteria.

Portable Data Terminals:

Depending on your requirements and use of various data collection technology. PDTS allows for a number of applications to record your service transactions.

  • Standard Route Collection
    Recurring customer route pickups and drop offs are updated daily and provide ease of entry for locations serviced
  • Service Order Pick Up/Delivery
    Orders are transmitted to the portables for assignment by the dispatcher. Complete Address information of the order is displayed. The transactions are recorded for confirmation on the main PDTS database.
  • Utilities Application
    Utilities for data transmission to main PDTS database, order updates and transaction processing.

System Configuration:

PDTS can be run on your in house computer system or operated on a remote server. PDTS uses the cellular network to keep the transactions and updates synched with the main PDTS databases. FTP services are required for files transfer of orders.

System includes the PDTS software package, Portable data collection applications, and customer/item tag barcode printing capability. PC requirements are Windows 7 or Higher versions.
Website hosting if web based ordering is required.

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