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Exqual EQVS smartphone application provides flexibility and reliability in recording and tracking field service operations. The versatility of the app crosses over to a number of different construction, service, and maintenance industries where fast deliverable information can be sent as soon as the information is collected.


Photo Verification:

  • GPS Location Capture
  • 4 selectable descriptive features of the information
  • Date, Time, and user information
  • Communications—SMS, E-Mail, FTP
  • Verification of work
  • Customizable for any project
EqVerify  has a comprehensive filing structure for photographs but as the files build, managing and keepingthem in an organized central area may become a bit cumbersome. A back office database program called EqVerify Pro can help with the management of photo activity.





The management of photographs within EqVerify :

  • Organized into a searchable database format
  • Processing of incoming field photographs
  • Note and logs
  • GPS google maps view
  • Manages communication from the field to headquarters via FTP file transfer
  • Can be purchased and installed on your PC network
  • Can be Hosted on the cloud

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