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The ExQual system brings a comprehensive, photo verifiable software solution to the pipeline construction. Ease of field data capture of materials moving through the various stages of delivery and installation enable the user to keep track of each step of the process. Update information as soon as it is recorded or send when it is convenient. EQ Premium provides the software to manage multiple projects, spreads, material categories, and bring it all together . EQ Premium allows the customer, contractor, surveyor total visibility of a project from materials manufacturing to final installation.



  • Verification Process
  • Materials location – from big picture to item by item detail
  • Traceability
  • Every item’s data, and most field construction steps are photo-verified
  • GPS/Time-date stamped photos
  • Material movement documents photo-linked to each item
  • Document and resolve before/after ROW and road access conditions
  • Compliance issues “nipped in the bud”.
  • Every item’s critical data is verified (joint-valve-fitting data, weld data, and as-built data)
  • MTR’s and Valve Certifications are checked; items missing correct documents are flagged until the documents are received.
  • Data discrepancies and Data duplication virtually eliminated
  • Every item’s movement is tracked; real-time location, step-by-step location history, and shipping documents 


Over the course of the project, hundreds of man-hours are saved.  The project is more efficient, finished  earlier, and reduces labor-costs.

Information that is:

  • Accurate
  • Live – continual updates
  • Detailed Tracking History
  • Rapidly accessed from anywhere
    Provable – GPS/time referenced photos for everything requested
  • Reliable

Data Issue?
   You choose….
       our photos,  or
             your trackhoe.

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