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Asset Tracking Software System

IDM’s Asset Tracking Software System (ATSS) is a Commercial Off the Shelf Asset Tracking solution that includes standardized barcode printing and batch portable data collection applications. ATS makes asset tracking easy to start and easy to maintain by providing user friendly capabilities in a robust 32 bit operating environment. Written in dBase Plus, this database has proven reliability and stability in today's Windows operating system Environment. ATS will make your asset management tasks flow smoothly.


  • Import existing asset information from a preset file structure provided by ATS
  • Export Data
  • Manual entry of items directly into ATS
  • Print a preset size asset label
  • Batch Portable data transmission within the ATS application.
  • Portable Terminal Applications
  • Asset data upload to portable terminals
  • Exception reports from the data download screens
  • History of transactions and movement of assets
  • General Reports

Data Fields

ATS provides flexibility in setting different parameters for your asset identification and location.
4 separate categories can be established for Type/Category of the Asset and 3 levels
of location description.

  • Item/ Asset #
  • Description
  • Serial #
  • Brand/Style – Table
  • Manufacturer
  • Model # – If Applicable
  • Date Acquired
  • Original Value
  • 4 User Defined Asset Fields
  • 3 User Defined Location Fields
  • User Defined Status Table

Portable Terminal Applications:

PDT application will reside on a Pocket PC/Win Ce operating system. Three separate applications come with the ATS system. The data collected will be downloaded to the main ATS computer for system updating and error reporting.

Mobile Startup/ Add Asset Application

This application will have a dual purpose for the customer. It will have enough data fields to allow the PDT to input information into the ATS software. Customers will be able to pre tag assets and locations and take the PDT to scan and attach any data necessary for meeting the above mentioned data fields.

Once the information is loaded into the ATS software, this application can be used to add new assets being put into a location.

Movement Application

Movement application on the PDT is to simply track the movement of assets from one location to another. Movements can be done either on the PDT or manually entered into ATS.

Physical Inventory or Area Check Application

The Physical Inventory and Area Check Application are used to collect and verify asset locations to information that resides in the main ATS software. Operators will use the PDT to scan assets, then download the information for verification on the main database. Any discrepancies will be reported for action to be taken. Once all corrective information has been entered, the information will update ATS with the new asset information.


ATS provides for login security concerning who can see what information and who can change existing information.

System includes the ATS software package, 3 Windows CE data collection applications, Micro- Soft Active Sync software, and asset tag printing capability. PC requirements are Windows 98 or Higher versions.

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