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Parron Hall Office Information

March 2006

Application Overview

Parron Hall Office Interiors asked ScanLink/IDM Company to provide modifications to its Inventory Tracking Software Solution (ITSS) that would include an interface to their existing Thoroughbred business software, the use of Radio Frequency Data Collection Terminals and Bar code printing. The goal was to make their warehouse run more efficiently by using a software package that would track each warehouse transaction from Receiving, Movement and Shipping the products to updating the Thoroughbred business software.


ScanLink/IDM Company spent time with Parron Hall identifying the areas that would require modifications to the base ITSS solution. We also had to get a better understanding of Parron HallsÕ business procedures and practice which included identifying what information was vital to both systems and how to move data between the Thoroughbred and ITSS software. After discussion and review of current data reports and requirements we identified the following areas that needed to be addressed.

  1. Printing the labels and what data will be used to identify inventory items
    • Labeling information based on the Job# and Line # became the key to identifying the various items and their manufacturers.
  2. Purchasing Order Numbering
  3. Data Transfer and File structures
    • Purchase Orders were brought into the ITSS Purchasing Module.
    • Sales Orders were brought into the ITSS Work Order Module.
    • Receiving transactions to be transfer to Thoroughbred from ITSS
  4. Radio Frequency Terminals and Coverage
    • 802.11B/G access points
    • Portable Data Terminals


We identified one common piece of information that could be used between both the ITSS and Thoroughbred software. That was the Purchase Order and the Item Line number fields. The Purchase Order is Parron Halls complete project. The Purchase Order# and Item Line# combined became the unique inventory ID # with the Thoroughbred description field being added for visual verification. The qty field in turn is used to let the bar code printer know how many labels to print. Once this was established we worked closely with Parron HallÕs Thoroughbred consultant to test the agreed upon file structure that would be used to transfer data between each system. SacnLink/IDM Company designed both the bar code label and the Portable Data Terminal applications. The bar code information contains both the PO and Line # information so that the Portable Data Terminals could scan and transmit data to the main database server.

Process Outline

A brief outline on how the ITSS RF System works:

  1. Each time a Parron Hall employee opens the ITSS system and logs in, the ITSS system looks into a shared folder to see if any new PO and Work Order files have been added.
  2. If new PO's and WO's have arrived ITSS prompts the operator to process the new information.
  3. At this point Parron Hall has the option of pre-printing the ID labels for the incoming Orders or can print when the product arrives.
  4. Receiving of POÕs. When the product arrives operators label the items and can either enter the PO#, Scan bar code then enter quantity. Once complete they transmit to the main database for posting. This can also be done manually on a desktop computer.
  5. Movement, once the ID Label is placed on the item a Movement application on the Portable Terminals will let the operator identify where the item was placed in the warehouse.
  6. The work order module is used to get delivery information from Thoroughbred, Print Pick tickets and report on activity.
  7. Picking operations using the Portable Terminals prompts for the WO#, Scan the ID label and enter the qty picked.
  8. ITSS also has a Physical inventory application on the portable that allows Parron Hall to take physical counts.
  9. Once the transaction are posted into ITSS they are then process into a shared folder for the Thoroughbred system to update.


Printer: Sato CL408
Hand Held Products: 9500 Terminal with Image scan. 802.11b Radio
Access Points: Cisco 1200 Series
Portable Software and License: Syware Visual CE

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