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Clement Pappas Information

February 2001

Clement Pappas places orders for Psion/Teklogix RFDC equipment with ScanLink Corp.

Clement Pappas Ð Clement Pappas goes live with print and apply, Radio Frequency Data Collection application. After 3 months of training and software updates, Clement took a full inventory to update it QAD system in July, 2001 and implemented it Teklogix RFDC equipment for its inventory management process.

Application Objective:

The first equipment installed at Clement Pappas was for the Imtec Print and Apply applicator at each of its 3 palletizing machines. This enabled the company to apply 2 pallet labels to 2 sides of the pallet. The 2 labels would insure that the fork lift operators would have at least 1 label visible for scanning in the warehouse. The print and apply eliminated lost time from drivers having to stop and get a label printed before the pallet was placed on a truck.

The pallet labeling application was the beginning of getting all pallets labeled for the implementation of the Radio Frequency applications. The Print and apply equipment was installed in Jan, 2001.

During the installation of the Imtec printers, Clement placed the initial order for a Teklogix Radio Frequency base station and RF data terminal to begin development of its data collection procedures. The interface to it IBM RS6000 Unix platform was simple. Standard ANSI emulation was used over Clement PapasÕ existing Ethernet backbone. All they needed to do was write their application screens to fit on the smaller screens of the 7030 Teklogix terminals.

Procedures were also tested for location labeling and testing of the laser scanners in the warehouse environment. Clement moved diligently and with patience in implementing it RF hardware and software applications.

Once the procedures were tested, the full rollout of hardware and software started in July with a full inventory. The inventory was taken with the new RF terminals and eliminated downtime.

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