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Prime Plate Information

September 2001

Prime Plate Industries Ð Prime Plate Industries receives its ITSS inventory management software and RF hardware as they gear up for production.

ScanLink Corp. completes installation and training of its software and RF data collection process for Prime Plate Industries. A process that started out as being a simple printing of information onto a steel plate became a complete EDI, inventory, networking and manufacturing process. ScanLink Corp. provided the software data collection and RF solution with its ITSS Ð Inventory Tracking Software System. Consulted on the communications and networking installation in the main office facility as well as the manufacturing process.

Original Objective:

Provide steel plate information to an ink jet printer that would mark the steel plate with information that Prime Plate customer required.

Final Scope:

To provide a Radio Frequency data collection process that would allow for the receiving and verification of incoming steel plate. Allow for decisions as to place the plate into production or place into storage. Indicate that a plate is put into production and place the information into a que for printing onto the plate as it passes the printer. Print a barcoded plate number to be attached on the plate after priming and track if it was shipped or placed into outside storage.


ITSS was modified to the EDI information that would be used to verify the steel plate at the time it was received. The RF terminal was used to enter the plate number that is hand written onto the plate. The size and other entries are required until the software indicates that it is the correct plate. At this time a barcode label can be produced with a unique Prime Plate Industries Plate Number and attached to the plate. The plate is either put into production based on ITSS production information or it is placed into storage for a later production schedule.

When plate is ready to be primed, the operator indicates using the RF terminal, that the plate # is on the line. This lets ITSS know that certain information needs to be placed into a print que so that the printer will print both barcode and text data that the customer requires onto the plate. The operator then scan or enters the plate # to produce a label that is attached to the plate for tracking purposes.

ITSS indicates that the plate is ready to be shipped or placed into a location in the storage yard. ITSS tracks the plate to its location within the stack of other plates.

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