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GC4 Information

June 2001

GC4- GC4 completes installation of modified ITSS inventory management software in Danville, Pennsylvania facility.

GC4- GC4 Laminating, Danville, Pa. provides a product that you probably have worn or are wearing as you read this now. They laminate the fabric to the form that will become hats, shoes, car seat fabric and a much more.

About a year ago, GC4 contacted ScanLink Corp. through its Internet website asking about ITSS Ð Inventory Tracking Software System. After discussing some of the needs and requirements, ScanLink requested a meeting to walk through the manufacturing facility to get a better feel for how GC4 operated.

GC4 had no real inventory tracking and production reporting software. Every process was tracked manually with pencil and paper and then entered into a spreadsheet program. After the initial walk through, ScanLink Corp. determined that its ITSS software with customizations would benefit GC4 greatly in tracking not only inventory but its production and shipping operations as well. The main issue was convincing GC4 how to get the raw materials into ITSS quickly and accurately.

Their customers send fabric material to GC4, so at any time they may be receiving inventory into their facility. The inventory shows up without notice.

Application: Reduce the manual entry of inventory and production data.

Allow for faster more accurate data capture particularly in the receiving of material from customers.

Provide accurate reporting of inventory and reporting of discrepancies of qty received from customers.

Tracking shipping information of finished good inventory.

Solution: ITSS had the strong inventory foundation but needed modifications to meet the customerÕs requirements. It was identified that one of the main issues to address was the receiving of the customersÕ materials into the inventory package. This inventory was not bar coded and would arrive at anytime unannounced. This solution involved generating unique bar coded roll tags that would be attached to the roll stock in the receiving area. Once labeled the receiver would take a Portable Data Terminal (Batch) and scan and enter specific information. After all entries are made, the information is downloaded into the ITSS for inventory updating. This inventory is now ready to be put into production.

The other areas that were addressed were the make up station and trim/Finishing station.

The Make Up station is the area where the fabric is measured and cut based on the Work Order issued from the office. The roll label is scanned and the amount used is entered. This is deducted from inventory. A new label is printed with the same roll# and qty information and placed back into stock. This material moves into production.

Once the production is complete the finished material is trimmed and rolled. This information is entered into ITSS, a new roll label is printed and placed on the roll with customer shipping information. The rolls are placed into finished goods inventory. When shipping occurs, the work order number, truck number are entered into a portable data terminal then the roll numbers scanned for tracking and shipping documentation.

All other functions like invoicing, shipping documentation are handle in a central location.

Network: The system works in a four-station peer to peer network.

Results: ITSS has greatly reduced inventory errors, provided a faster more accurate receiving process. Timely production information and scheduling tools. Automated data reporting, shipping, and work order entry functions.

Access to production and inventory information has lead to greater customer service response times.

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