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Allura Imports Information

May 2002

Allura Imports picks International Data Movers (IDM) ITSS -Inventory Tracking Software System to solve its warehouse inventory tracking woes

Description of Allura Application

May 22, 2002 Ð Allura Imports based in South Plainfield, NJ placed its order for IDMÕs ITSS Ð Inventory Tracking Software System. Allura Imports gave the go ahead to implement an inventory software solution that will improve all phases of warehouse operations. ScanLink Corp. markets IDMsÕ ITSS software solution and supplied the barcode hardware component.


Allura has a 300,000 sq. foot warehouse that they use to store all types of clothing apparel that is sold to Wal-mart and other retail outlets throughout the country. They currently track inventory manually from receiving, movement and picking. They receive information via courier from their main office in New York. That information is used to direct operations from picking and invoicing and product shelf locations. All information is handled through hand written fax and inputted into the accounting software in New York.


Allura wanted an automated windows based computer system that can provide updated functions in a more timely and accurate manner. By tracking each step of their warehouse operations, Allura managers will have better access to finding and getting the products to their customers. The modification of International Data Movers (IDM) ITSS software would allow Allura Imports to achieve their inventory tracking requirements.

ScanLink Corp. first recommended that Allura label all shelf locations within the warehouse. Allura also started to label all incoming inventory cartons with a barcoded item #. Once this was completed, Allura was able to take a full physical inventory with the portable data terminals to populate the ITSS database with current inventory levels. At this time the ITSS software was ready to track AlluraÕs inventory transactions.

Receiving Ð This process had to be modified because Allura does not issue Purchase Orders that the ITSS software could use for receiving incoming inventory. IDM modified the receiving process to allow for entry of all incoming inventory items. The incoming inventory can be received either manually or with portable data collection terminals. If the item number was not in the database, ITSS will add it as a new inventory item. Once received the item is ready to be placed into a rack location.

Movement Ð The movement of the product is a transaction that identifies the From location to the To location. Once this process is established the product can be tracked to its exact location as long as the product movements are recorded and entered into the ITSS software.

Shipping Ð This process had to accommodate the entry of invoice numbers provide by the New York office. ITSS had to allow the invoice number to be the tracking number for the picking transaction. The portable collected the invoice, location, product # and location. Once it is downloaded into the computer, ITSS then relieves the product from inventory.

The process is a basic inventory application. If the receiving, movement, shipping transactions are not downloaded or entered into ITSS, then ITSS would produce exception reports that would indicate improper product transactions. This gives Allura a fast and easy way of knowing where the product is located as well as a means to quickly correct any exceptions that have occurred.


  • Faster data entry of inventory transactions
  • Faster reporting of errors in inventory transactions
  • Ease of product locations and locating of product for shipping
  • Faster physical inventory reporting and correction
  • Ease of data collection for product receiving, movement, and shipping
  • Better reporting to New York headquarters.
  • IDM also provided multiple locations for any item. This allows Allura Imports to place inventory in multiple locations within a warehouse.

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